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10+ years of worldwide experience with plasma cutting consumable solutions.
Our company offers a complete range of replacement parts for most of the Cutting Systems, always providing cost-effective solutions that deliver performance 
equal to OEM standards. Technical Support Service: Count on us to identify and correct key issues that may compromise the performance of your plasma cutting operation. Also available as remote support. Our product performance is approved by major companies in multiple industrial sectors, like automotive, civil 
construction, energy, metal-mechanics, transportation, among others.
We are present in more than 25 countries.
Main Models: Hypertherm plasma consumables, ESAB plasma consumables, P80 plasma consumables, Trafimet plasma consumables,
Kjellberg plasma consumables, PT31 consumables and other Electrode, Nozzle, Shield, Retaining Cap, Swirl Ring, etc.

Product Catalogue

We can provide all kinds of Hypertherm plasma cutting consumable (shield, fixed cap, nozzle, swirl ring, electrode,etc)





Plasma Cutting Torch

Need more help? That's why we're here!
If you’re still not sure what you need or have a customization request, we can help.
Our knowledgeable sales team can recommend a product that will best match your application and answer questions on custom ordering prices and specs.
Changzhou Forman Welding Equipment Co., Ltd focuses on high-quality plasma cutting and welding consumables. We have wide range of Plasma consumable accessories those are made by high grade of material and made by latest method with technology.

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